Rhine Valley Ramblers


The Rhine Valley Ramblers is a traditional rockabilly band from the Austrian Rhine Valley. This fantastic band from the westmost state of Austria plays mostly their own compositions and is known for their clean and melodic sound. The Rhine Valley Ramblers formed in the fall of 2019 and have made appearences locally, regionally and international at several clubs and venues. They also have been privileged to play at bigger international weekender.

Rhine Valley Ramblers live

Van: 14:30
tot 15:30

Rhine Valley Ramblers

Van 14:30
tot 15:30

Haunted Rhythm

Van 16:00
tot 17:00

The Fastlane Drifters

Van 17:30
tot 19:30

Calling Elvis (Elvis Las Vegas Show)

Van 19:00
tot 20:00

The Wheelgrinders

Van 20:30
tot 21:45

Rockin' the Joint

Van 22:15
tot 23:30